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Sunday, September 5, 2010


Life often presents us with new opportunities.  Once upon a time, I would never have ventured to call myself a babysitter.  Not even as a teenager did I think of myself as one.  Yet, today, I take pride in offering warmth, kindness and consistency to the children who enter my home.

My son is the reason I took on this new adventure.  I enjoy the company of the children, each one with his/her own personality, preferences and character.  We spend our time together making sure that we are well fed, reasonably clean, rested, exercised, and heard.  We brush our teeth, go for walks, read, colour and make crafts together.  For a few hours in the day, we form our own kind of family.

Are you a babysitter?  If so, take this opportunity to influence a young mind.  You may have only a short time to build him/her up, and then leave her to reap from what you have modeled.

Keep on, Babysitter!