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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Emerging Emotions

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My son loves to read.  Everyday, he asks to be read to.  Sometimes, it requires immense discipline to keep up with his desire to sit in our lap with a book.  It puts me to shame whenever I deny his request.  I make every effort to hone his love of reading time.

Today, as I was reading "The Velveteen Rabbit" to him, he began to get upset over the fact that the stuffed rabbit had to be destroyed after the boy's illness.  Somehow, even at age 2.5, my son understood that the rabbit was being separated from his owner.  My son, asked me lots of questions at that point and interrupted our reading. "Where is the boy, Mommy?". "Why is he on the floor in a bag out in the yard, Mommy?"

And then, he translated the rabbit's loss by looking for his own stuffed dog.  "I want Harrod, Mommy."  He got out of my lap and went to hug Harrod.  Then we returned to reading.  Of course, the book ended positively.  My son only needed to wait till the end of the book.

It amazed me that my son could understand/feel a deep emotion at such a young age.  As we all grow, emerging emotions change us.  I am touched that my son is a sensitive and loving little guy.  I am further encouraged to continue to invest into his heart, mind and being those things that are noble, kind and good.

What are you feeling today?